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The GSA Auto Website Submitter is a program designed to submit your website to thousands of search engines like google and directories. It will save you lots of time and money since it's fully automated. You simply enter some details about your website and the software takes care of the rest.

Advertising your website has never been simpler.

Search engine ranking

More people are using engines like google and MSN than ever before. A research showed that over 75% of all visitors come from search engines.
It is important that your website is not only listed on them, but that it is listed at the first result page since almost no one will go beyond web page 10 of the search results.

You really have to make sure many other sites link to your web page to get your web page listed at the initial result pages inside a internet search engine. Normally, this is the primary criteria for search engines like google to rank a website.
GSA Website Submitter will make this happen while submitting your website to thousands of directories and search engines.

Automated web site submission

Unlike some other programs it will achieve this not semi-automated but almost fully automated. Filling out categories and a description is all you have to do. Additionally it is possible to fill Captchas automatically either by analyzing the image codes through the program or by using so called captcha services for a small fee (e.g. 6 USD for 1000 captchas).

Make your site known to others

If you aren't listed in these search engines, web users won't even know you exist.
It is simple to list your website with all the search engines and directories by utilizing GSA Website Submitter.


Probably the most essential tools for increasing your position in search engines are generally backlinks.
GSA Website Submitter helps you gain these important links through automatically submitting you to directories as well as search engines.
Every directory you are listed in provides you with a backlink.


The program is getting updated several times a month to make sure that all the included submission sites (over 10000 directories and search engines) are still functioning.

Save yourself a lot of time, money and other resources

To submit your own sites to every single search engine and directory provided by GSA Website Submitter would probably take you several weeks or even a few months of work.
You can now submit all of your websites within hours. Take your time back by automating the submission process, so that you can improve your productivity in running your business.
Save yourself high website advertising costs and start posting your website today.

Details for Website Submitter

  • Increasing the targeted traffic of search engines to your website
  • Automated distribution is saving you time and effort
  • Increase inbound links through directory submissions
  • Regular updates along with new directories and search engines almost once a week
  • E-Mail validation tool (logs into your E-Mail account and automatically clicks the verification links
  • Automated captcha solving with DeCaptcher, DeathByCaptcha, or even BypassCaptcha.
  • Usage of spin syntax
  • Multiple proxy usage (auto find new proxies)
  • Link report tool

¹ Submission Service

The "Submission Service" license is intended for companies who plan to submit internet sites that don't belong to them. Usually they own a submission service and submit those sites for others. This license is usable for one year. Every other license only enables the submission of websites that belong to the particular license proprietor.

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Site statistics

Search Engines  48Directories  4539
Blog lists  87Demo version  4556
All Providers  4674
Require captcha  3032Require backlink  1500
PageRank 1  493PageRank 2  494
PageRank 3  439PageRank 4  262
PageRank 5  93PageRank 6  33
PageRank 7  12PageRank 8  2
PageRank 9  1
International  3298Germany  459
France  207United Kingdom  186
Romania  111Poland  40
Spain  32India  29
United States  29Austria  19
Italy  18Netherlands  16
Switzerland  15cs  14
Sweden  14Argentina  12
Belgium  11Canada  11
Other  153


Custom Version or Feature Request

Please contact us if you need any custom version or if you are missing an important feature in the software. We are glad to help you with any problems you have.